Speak Good News

Tired of being tired especially when you just finished your vacation? Has life lost its meaning? Waiting for the anti-depressant drugs to start working? Hoping for some good news? Want a change in attitude… try speaking good news today!

When you think about a new baby, a marriage, a new kitten, a good medical report, a promotion, a vacation, an anniversary, a birthday, a new car, a graduation, and or a family reunion? Do the super emotional feelings of giving sharing and love ring a good tone? When you hear these words, how does it make you feel? For most, hearing good news, brings a gift of joy to the heart?

What is it that you normally hear daily? Gasoline prices going up, a divorce, a bad health report, a shooting, a robbery, a bad economy, a job loss, cost of living increasing, a foreclosure, crime, loss of a relative and so many other depressing thoughts that cover the daily newspaper, magazines, and TV. It’s the main topic of conversation and gossip that most everyone is endlessly talking about.

We hear it when we get up, all through the day, while we eat and when we are going to sleep. It’s constant and just never seems to end. In fact, just when you thought how bad could it get, a breaking news story captures your attention. It’s always bad and negative news, and actually more craziness than you care to know. When does it all stop?

When is the last time that you heard any…good news? When is the last time that you heard of a good deed being done for someone else? A heartfelt story that left you welling up a bit, on hearing a great human-interest story that had a live happily they’re after ending? It’s enjoyable to share good news with others.

A parent and child reunited after years of estrangement, a survivor of a serious medical disease, or your best friend’s marriage that was heading to divorce court was miraculously reconciled, and they are living happily as newly weds.

Ever wonder why so many people are so negative in their attitudes, and on a perpetual prescription of anti-depressant drugs? The effects of what they see, read and hear are having a devastating affect on our society today.

So, what’s my point now that I have you stirred up and thinking?

When all this negative news is captured and internalized by the reader, what is their first reaction to it all? Not surprising…better repeat it and tell someone else.

Just suppose…that you didn’t repeat it? I know what you are thinking…
But hear me out, what is the worst that would happen if someone might not know immediately, then what? With all the media coverage, how could one not know?

Besides, there are no such re-reporting awards! Does it make any sense to serve up another heaping portion of bad news to a person that is already on a depression overload? Remind you of some that you may know?

Changes in attitude with good intentions is healthy and a healing medicine.

Try this…Speak Good News. Try it for a day and see the improved results in not only your life, but also in the lives of others around you!

Speak good news? What the heck is that? Where in this crazy world can I ever find some good news to speak? ….Want to learn more about speaking good news? Please visit my website to satisfy your curiosity. Speak the good news to others, and feel the gift of joy re-enter into your life. Need some joy today?

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How Family History Affects Your Relationship: An Archaeological Dig Into Your Past

When it looks like there should be a quick fix to a relationship issue, but the quick fix just isn’t happening, we have to look deeper. We have to go on an Archaeological Dig.”Archaeology is our voyage to the past, where we discover who we were and therefore who we are.” Camille PagliaWhy does man (and woman) look back?When an archaeologist locates a previously unknown settlement, he/she may spend years excavating, collecting, studying and analyzing artifacts and relics to glimpse a reasonable picture of the past. The study of history helps us see how societies sustained themselves, why some survived and others collapsed. It helps us avoid the mistakes of our ancestors and emulate their successes.The Archaeological Dig in Therapy”History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are.” David McCulloughWhy do therapists look back? How could your family history so long ago possibly have an impact on your relationship? Some would say, “Ridiculous.”Take the example of Joan and Steve:Joan: You never spend time with me. After work, you come home, eat dinner and then head to the basement to watch ESPN. I ask you to come upstairs when I go to sleep and you say, “Be there in a minute,” but I am usually asleep before you get into bed. I feel so alone every night.Steve: Don’t you understand that after I have worked all day managing a department of 15 women, I need some space, some downtime to be alone and just escape from the stress at work?Joan: Why can’t you do that with me? I am not one of the women you supervise, I’m your wife.Steve: I don’t know. Your feelings are so intense and I feel smothered. It’s not about you; I just need some “me” time. Alone.Joan: It’s always about you. I feel abandoned every night; doesn’t that matter to you?In counseling, the therapist learns that Joan grew up in a family where her parents were always in conflict. After a fight, her father would walk out. Each time this happened she felt more and more anxious and worried that he wouldn’t come back. When she was 11, her worst fear came true.The therapist also learns that when Steve was eight years old, his father left for another woman. His father divorced his mother and a year later married the “other woman.” When his father and new wife had children, Steve’s father stopped coming around. He had “another family.”Joan and Steve’s current relationship issue is actually rooted in the past – and deeply.The Power of ThenThornton Wilder believed that “the Past is not dead,” in fact, he wrote, “the Past isn’t even Past.”Our past, if you think about it, is who we are. Who or what else can we really be – a self no less reflective of a precise stacking and most intricate interweaving of all the events of our life – beginning even before “Day One” of our life.We truly flatter ourselves if we feel we can actually “move on and beyond these events,” or that we can just chose to “forget about them.” According to the burgeoning field of Brain Science and the new uses of interventions such as functional MRIs and PET scans, past events and life experiences are not only carefully and exhaustively inventoried in our feelings, but remain active. They are physiologically alive and well, and forever asserting themselves in feelings, thinking and decision-making. Even more so when we try to repress them. And what makes us even more vulnerable, is that we are substantially unaware that this process is even going on.Our only real choice here is to bring this material up to consciousness, painful and fearful though it may be, and not to “move on” from it, but to choose to move into and through it with courage and expanded awareness, lest our unconscious past control us.”History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” Maya AngelouYour ChoiceWill you choose to be courageous enough to confront your fears, your sadness and your pain and bring your history to consciousness, so you can work with it to fashion the journey you want take in your life, and in your relationship? If you answered “yes,” you are ready to undertake your “Archaeological Dig.”Your Archaeological DigHere is our way of conducting an archaeological dig so you will not have to repeat your past:1) Unearth – Dig up your history consciously and embrace it.2) Under-stand – Or “stand under” it and observe the information you learn about your family history.3) Unravel – Undo the knots; think about and analyze the meaning of what you found and in what ways it blocks you.4) Unlock – Free yourself from the past; take turns sharing your story with your partner, exploring it together and helping one another carry each other’s baggage.”Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana

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Virtual Are CFOs Taking Charge of Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

Every business entity requires professional guidance at some point of time or the other. There are various nitty gritties in a business for which professional advice becomes necessary. In fact, deciding the next move can also be done only after consulting with an accounting professional. This is particularly true with regard to cash flow. This is one of the key aspects of running a business and hence some amount of expertise is required to provide valuable insights for moving things at a consistent pace beneficial to the business. The Chief Financial Officer or the CFO actually looks after the cash flow in a small or medium business entity. According to Investopedia, the CFO receives more than $346,000 per annum to shoulder such responsibilities throughout the year including bonuses.However, not all small and medium business owners can afford such expenses. This does not mean that they have no hope. There are virtual CFOs helping the medium and small business organizations in this respect. This is a recent practice and is anticipated to be continued over years. This practice is quite beneficial for the medium and small-sized organizations because they will not have to pay a chunky amount to the in house CFO. Small businesses with the assistance of virtual CFO can scale heights and reap benefits quite prominent to the business and conspicuous for the world.Impressive Future ProspectThere are many ways in which a virtual CFO can aid in scaling a small business similar to that of an in-house CFO. In fact, sometimes it can be more beneficial to have an online CFO. The outsourced CFOs work with the help of cloud-based software remotely. This remoteness contributes in better performance delivered on-time. As the CFO does not have to travel, he/she can devote the entire time to improve the performance.Online CFOs can not only provide faster financial reports but also forecast and analyze the condition quickly. There is an overall improvement in the performance. The quick and concise delivery of flawless reports and analysis puts valuable financial data in the hands of leaders to make best possible decisions. Making the most effective strategic decision within a fraction of the time originally required by in-house CFOs is truly beneficial.Key Performance IndicatorsKPI measurement is key to the expansion and development of any business be it small, medium or big. In this respect, an online CFO is extremely helpful in managing the KPIs properly and providing helpful and meaningful insights for the company’s management. One of the most significant mistakes committed by small business houses is the overlapping of “actionable” data and data in general. They think that they are same. However, KPI must be calculated based on long-term goals; the strategies should impact in the long run. The KPIs should give you a clear idea of where your business stands- how close or how far from your long terms goals.For instance, if you are trying to reduce total number of unhappy customers by a certain percentage, the CFO could help you to track customer issues along with favoured reviews for a particular period. You can analyze the data provided by KPI and reduce a certain percentage of the negative points to find out where you stand in your business and how much you have progressed towards the goal. This is only a single instance on how a professional can help small businesses.Improved Cash FlowIncreasing the cash flow into business is another measure of how helpful small business bookkeeping is. Managing cash along with stressing on liquidity to tax planning and way beyond that is looked after by an online CFO. The professionals also bring strategies and provide insights to ensure proper expenditure so that you can end up at exactly the place you wanted to.These are some of the major benefits provided by small business bookkeeping and also by virtual CFOs. The work has become more precise due to the integrated online system which is beneficial for both the professional and for the client. Small and medium-sized business entities have reaped several benefits due to the online medium at low-cost.

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